Trinity Ave Urban Farm

Trinity Urban Farm offers a unique opportunity to demonstrate best practices for urban agriculture and tackle the problem of food deserts in cities. Site specific urban design concerns were a primary factor in the initial layout of the site. Utilizing the site to tie together, both visually and physically, the farm and parking to City Hall is a key strategy.  The Farm Market will activate the relative dead zone of Central Avenue. Multiple entry points and a perimeter that creates visual interest enhances the pedestrian experience. Our team seized the opportunity to capture the experiential qualities of a farm in a visually stunning design that engages the senses and creates energy in and around the site. Fully accessible, visitors will delight in the element of surprise as they experience different areas of the site.

Central to our design concept is the farm as an incubator. It provides a model for best practices and new technologies in urban agriculture that can be promoted and expanded throughout Atlanta.Innovation and technology are openly on display throughout the site. Examples include aquaponics, solar collection, rainwater harvesting, vertical farming, green roof systems, vermiculture, and high volume composting solutions. Rainwater is collected from the canopies of the parking deck and the promenade into a series of storage tanks. The parking deck canopy also doubles as a solar farm, providing power to the site.

Trinity Avenue Urban Farm Competition by S+J Design Lab on Sketchfab

Atlanta, GA