The Edmondson House

Known as Fay Jones most comprehensive design, this 7900 sf mid-century masterpiece is the subject of both our research into use of modern technology, such as 3D laser scanning, in preservation and our interest in preserving the legacy of modernist design. The scope of the work invloves restoration and reconstruction of several details, including a Redwood arbor that is said to be made up of a mile of Redwood. The Edmondson House was designed for Don and Ellen Edmondson in the late 1970’s and was designed and built during the height of Fay’s career. Most notably, it was during this time period that Fay designed the Thorncrown Chapel, one of the most significant modern structures in America. Fay Jones was presented with the AIA’s highest honor, The Gold Medal, in 1990.

The site is comprised of a Carport, Main House, Guest House, Fishing Hut, and a Bridge, which were designed and built in two phases between 1977-1985.


Photography Credits: Urban Studio|S+J Design Lab


Forest City, AR