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Tree Tectonics | Atlanta Botanical Garden

Tree Tectonics was a part of the Tremendous Treehouse exhibit at The Atlanta Botanical Garden running June 1, 2003 – September 28, 2003. Our concept explores the relationship between architecture and nature.

It is a study of movement, structure, and form both in plan and through three-dimensional form. The idea was generated from the tree, the site topography, and winding motion of existing stone stairs set around the tree. The tree provides structural support for a ramp and platform through the use of a cable, arch, & railing suspension system.

With its geometries, curves, and structural elements, the tree house embodies a variety of structural and formal expressions found in nature. Varying elevations provide perspectives from ground to canopy expanding the user’s peripheral perception of the site and environment. Tree Tectonics engages the user in an active experience of the environment enabled by architecture.


Atlanta, GA